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  • Good luck with the new book

  • fleurette:

    Well done Linda, cannot wait to read the balance of the book. Keep them coming. Wishing you all the success.

  • cheryl:

    I have just read the first chapter of your new book, good luck with the launch. hope it becomes a best seller.xx

  • Good luck, you deserve it!!

  • audrey:

    god luck linda. it sounds intriguing. cant wait to read it all.

  • Linda – I’ve just ordered your book from I’m so excited about reading your new book that I got to ‘expedite’ it to me. I’ve read all your books – at least twice – and have found insights, thrills, spills, intrigue, laughter, wit, wisdom and then some…. contained between all their pages, in equal measure. You’re a wonderfully descriptive and incisive writer. Great good luck with your new book and hearty congratulations.

  • Cyril McNamee:

    Linda, Very best of luck with the new book. Margaret is reading it at the moment.

  • just read the chapter of your book going to buy it for my holidays good luck with the newest book Elizabeth Hearn

  • liz:

    Good luck with the book. The first chapter is captivating, looking forward to reading the rest of the book. I am a big fan of your books.

  • Margaret Cunningham
    Friday 27th May 2011 at 00.10
    Hi Linda,I’m so thrilled to be contacting you. You are my favourite all time author. Couldn’t believe it when I saw your latest book was available in my local book shop in Dundalk.
    I have read all your other books and have really enjoyed them. ‘Hush Hush’ was fantastic!I was wondering when you would have another one published and was delighted when I discovered it in my local book store in Dundalk. I have started it and I am already enjoying it immenseley as it is up to your usual high standards and quality writing. I absolutely love your style of writing and ways of telling the story. I finish your books so quickly and always wonder when the next one will appear.
    Any chance that you are working on yet another one yet after ‘Never say goodbye’as I shall be finished it soon and would love to look forward to the next one.

    Margaret Cunningham

    *****Please, please keep these books coming they are fantastic reading.

  • Torlach Mac Con Midhe:

    Every success with the new book!

  • ann regan:

    good luck with book

  • Brian Jackson:

    Hi Linda,

    I hope that the book is doing well.

  • Joanne Kirwan:

    Great book..I loved every minute of it. It is definetly a page turner.
    All the best.


  • Kate Penny:

    Yet another great read, Linda! I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope it does well in the Best Sellers list!

  • Ailish:

    Wonderful news about your marvelous book “Never Say Goodbye” is Number 1 in Ireland. Everyone should read this rollicking great read – as well as all your other books. I had every nail bitten beyond recognition with the suspense. Congratulations! Well done!

  • Bill:

    A great read. Congrats on getting to number 1. Well deserved.

  • catherine:

    Hi Linda,

    I have just read the first chapter of Never Say Goodbye, looking forward to reading the rest of the book. Hope its a big success for you.

    Regards Catherine.

  • Tom Bye:

    Hello Linda’

    Just finished reading all of you engrossing thriller of a book;-covering a topic that never seems to go away ‘ School bullying’ perhaps at this point and in my opinion- this book of yours should be on school curriculum’s for all teenagers to read-
    From the start of chapter one until the end as you go from one character to another- their guilt, ( the well heeled ladies who caused this upset to a young shy girl when they were in the same school, these ladies in turn have dark secrets themselves now and fear the school re-union) come out from the pages and the story develops into a very tense thriller- in fact it had me turning the pages faster then ever to see what was going to happen next- this book of your is just waiting on a T V series to happen, it’s that good, because it’s dark,smart,extremely well paced and the ending is just so full of suspense and surprise with a brilliant twist,it had me re reading the last chapter- to savour every minute of it-A powerful insight into the effective of bullying that is still in my minds eye-

    good luck Linda and well done-
    tom bye
    musician- author-

  • Niamh Bret:

    Hi I read this book, and I have to say it was the best book I have read in ages. I have passed it onto a few of my friends and they have loved it too. Even one of my friends is keeping an eye out for other books you have.. I will be recommending this book to anyone..

  • Sharon Dixon:

    Hi Linda, I bought your book Never Say Goodbye 2 months ago, loved it so went out and got some of the others. Fantastic stuff. I have to finish them as soon as I get into it, love it. When is the next one due out as I need it big time?
    Thank you.

  • Mary:

    linda iv read all of your books and i find them excellent they are totally addictive and leave me always waiting for your next one!

  • olive casey:

    hi linda , ur absoloutely my favourite author… escapism…love love love ur books buti cant find “hush hush” anywhere…ive read all the other books …do u know where i might find it ? i live in kildare ….thanks x

  • Anne Hughes:

    Hi Linda, I have read all your books and have thoroughly enjoyed them all, read the last one in a day couldn’t put it down. Cant wait for the next one, hope it will be soon.

    Happy writing

  • Liz Brown:

    Just read “Time After Time” – what a book. Absolutely fantastic – really could NOT put it down!! Looking forward to reading all the others!! Thank you.

  • Brenda Reid:

    Hi Ms Linda! I accidentally ran across your book “Still Waters”. I couldn’t put it down. I love the way I got right into it. I had a hard time putting it down. As soon as I read the ending, I immediately looked for another. You are my new “favorite” author. It’s also interesting learning about England. The terminology, even the spelling of words are different than U.S. I just finished “Never Say Goodbye”. Same thing, had a hard time putting it down. When I did, I had the book on my mind, constantly. I bought these from Amazon, as I have a Kindle fire. Because I am on a strict budget I do like to borrow books from the public library. They don’t have any of your books. Very disappointed. I am on a mission to read all of your books. Love the way you write! Keep up the good work.

  • Always supporting all those who expose this massive problem of “Bullying/Violence” from all your friends at Tom Thumb and friends Thank you.

  • Jessica Wilson:

    Just recently got into your books. Great author. Keep writing!

  • Margaret Mitchell:


    I have read all your books to date so saved “Still Waters” to bring on holidays as I knew it would be a great read. I really enjoyed the storyline in this book.

    Keep up the writing,

    Best wishes,


  • Lisa:

    Hi Linda
    I have never been much of a book reader. My work friend lent me one of your books – Still Waters. Well I could not put it down. It was AMAZING!!!! I have since read your other books LOVE CHILD and LOVE HURTS. Also amazing and i am now about to start HUSH HUSH.
    Keep writing and good luck with future books

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  • Wendy Heffernan:

    Hi Linda, I just want to congratulate you on yet another amazing book. I have just finished ‘The Secret Wife’ and I loved it from beginning to end. Like your other books, I love how you write both in the present and the past which led up to the events that happened. I always try to guess the ending but it is always so unpredictable that I never do, but that’s what I like best about your books 🙂 Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to your next book x

  • elaine:

    You are an amazingly talented and exciting author. Congratulations on your successes to date and may you grace us with many more delicious works!

  • Rose Walsh:

    Hi Linda
    Your books are amazing very well written.
    I have just finished the Secret Wife and have Still Waters and never say goodbye ordered in Easons
    I have asked my family to get me Loves Hurts :love child: and Hush Hush for christmas I will be sad if they cant get them.

    Keep up the writing I love your books
    I have told my sisters to watch out for them too


  • Lynn Graham:

    The Secret Wife is the best book I’ve read in years. I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for reminding me how good it is to get lost in a fantastic page turner of a book!

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