Here’s what the press had to say about Linda’s books

The Secret Wife

The Secret Wife lulls the reader into a false sense of security with a seemingly innocent chicklit-style opening storyline but soon descends into a much darker and ominous tale of horror.

Laura Thornton, an orphan heiress, is caught up in the excitement of preparing for her wedding to the handsome Jeff.

It is obvious to everyone except the otherwise intelligent college lecturer Laura that the marriage is not going to work. Her best friend, Kerry, tries to warn her and is soon proved right when the cruel and possessive Jeff becomes violent.

Laura’s life turns into a living hell after she leaves Jeff. He begins to stalk her and the police won’t believe her story. Even when she moves to another town, his menacing presence seems to be everywhere and, to cap it, friends start acting strangely.

It seems the author’s particular brand of revenge is definitely best served very cold. As the past is gradually revealed, the present starts to make sense, though not without a couple of red herrings and the trademark twist or two.

Laura’s life is in grave danger and Kavanagh skilfully builds the suspense to a crescendo as the story races towards an ending that will keep fans very satisfied.

ANN DUNNE Irish Independent

 Still Waters

‘If you are a fan of  Jodi Picoult, this one’s for you. – Irish Independent

‘This is a thrilling read – one of those books that will keep you up all night. It seems like a light chick-lit, but there’s a nasty secret that threatens to destroy the main character, soap star Ivy Heartley. Another winner from Linda Kavanagh.’ Irish Daily Mail

‘A thrilling read’, Ireland on Sunday

‘Uniquely written … An excellent read, a real page- turner and one you will not be able to put down!’. Sunday Life magazine

‘Unputdownable, a real page turner’, The Afternoon Show

‘…a great read’, Evening Echo

‘Still Waters, Linda Kavanagh’s sixth novel, confirms that suspense continues to be her forte. There are no guns here, but the flawed psychological mindsets of her characters do as much damage as a lethal weapon. … Still Waters is plot-driven, with twists and turns that keep the reader on edge from early on. In a smokescreen effect, the characters inhabit a world of lies and confusion. The narrative alternates between past and present, constantly showing how previous actions lead to current crises.Irish Independent

Never Say Goodbye:

“Alternating between past and present, Never Say Goodbye draws the reader into a web of deceit and suspense.  It keeps the pages turning right up to the denouement, which comes as an unexpected and horrific climax.  If you are a fan of Jodi Picoult, this one’s for you.Irish Independent.

“Kavanagh clearly demonstrates how people can appear a certain way on the surface, but that their actions or personalities may have only come about by events that happened behind closed doors – but for others, they were just born that way. Dark, gritty and addictive, this is definitely worth a read.RTE Guide.

Hush Hush:

“Will have you glued to its pages”  Irish Independent.

“Hard to put down once you start reading it.”  RTE Guide

Love Child:

“It is mystery combined with the best elements of women’s fiction and makes a genuinely gripping read.”  Irish Independent

“Unputdownable, a real page-turner.”  The Afternoon Show.

Love Hurts:

“A thrilling read”  Ireland On Sunday

“An excellent read, a real page-turner and one you will not be able to put down” Sunday Life